A website for your spa

Your treatment menu online and ready to sell

Forget about having to hire a server, watch out for security attacks, install content management systems or develop templates.

You don't need to pay 2.000€ for an e-commerce website.

Now you have a website for 29€/month without server costs and without hiring a programmer.

Without permanence

Adapted to cell phones

90% of web page users access from their cell phones.

Server included

Save +120€/year on server and forget about configurations and security.

Free domain

Free .spalopia.com domain or you can buy 1 of your own.

SEO friendly

You appear in search engines within 48 hours of publishing your website.

Choose the template that suits your spa

Your treatment menu online and ready to sell

Choose your template with a single click, add your personalized texts and images and hit publish. You have beautiful designs that you can customize to your liking by adding the images of your spa…


An elegant design designed for 5-star hotels with a luxury spa.


A lush design to bring the faraway lands of Asia to your spa.


An urban design to delight tourists resting after visiting the city.

Without writing code

You don’t need to hire computer scientists, designers or web administrators. You will not have to modify code or change elements within a page.

All you have to do is...

And start selling.

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You change what you want and from wherever you want. You add images, texts, treatments or prices from your computer.

Maximum safety

Our security experts monitor your website in real time so that it is always available.

You sell more

400 spas in Spain, Italy and Latam already sell their services and convert at an average rate of 1.3%.


You comply with all privacy regulations, cookies and your payments are completely secure.

Your customers want a very fast website

We give it to you...

Maximum speed in Google Page Speed

Forget the limitations of WordPress or SquareSpace, now you have a system that gives you the maximum speed in Google PageSpeed.

Improved search engine positioning

As of May 2021, loading speed is the determining factor for search engine rankings.

Spalopia 100%
WordPress 80%
SquareSpace 43%

Which platform should I choose for the spa website?

Compare the different content management systems and choose the one that best suits your needs.


Ideal if you have a person specialized in web pages with knowledge of computers, design and online marketing.


Perfect if you don’t want to hire a computer scientist, a designer or a webmaster.


Ideal if you already know your way around a CMS or if you don’t need a management program.


Ideal for small businesses that only need a website as a business card but do not need to sell or book online.

With e-commerce included

And online reservations with real availability


A contact form is not selling online

An e-commerce is NOT a form to send an email, it is a system that allows you to sell in an automated way without having to cross mails with the customer.

With Spalopia’s sales engine the customer chooses the service he wants to buy or give as a gift, enters the payment details and the payment arrives instantly.

Watch out!

A massage is not sold, it is reserved

Selling online is easy, but having a reservation system requires complex configurations and developers to maintain.

We make sure that you can offer these reservations in a simple way, we make sure that it always works and we advise you if you need it.

Other options available

We adapt to the needs of your spa

A 100% customized website or the connection of the booking engine with your website is also possible.

I need a 100% customized website

If you need a fully customized website you can contact us and we will accompany you throughout the design and implementation process.

We suggest you how the structure of the website should be and we advise you so that the design reflects the identity of your brand.

We provide you with a wireframe, that is, a sketch with the structure of each of the internal pages of the spa. Both mobile and desktop versions.

Below, we present the visual structure of the website with the images, colors and logo already included.

Once the design is approved we implement it in WordPress and we provide you with an administrator manual and training so you can manage the website.

Do you need us to create the texts for the website? You can ask us for a personalized quotation.

I have a website but I don't sell online yet

If you already have a website and you only need to integrate the booking and sales engine, we provide you with all the documentation for your IT staff to carry it out.

We provide you with a PDF with the necessary information to implement the booking engine on your own website.

Your computer scientists perform the implementation of the code. Normally in 1-2 hours at most you should have it implemented.

If you need help you can contact our customer service and we will assist you via email or phone.

We make sure that everything works properly throughout the year so that your booking engine is always active.

We continually make improvements to the code to make it more efficient. Each time there is a renewal we will contact you to send you the documentation (normally once a year).

Request your website

Request a demo now and we will show you all the product details.