Recommend Spalopia's spa software

Earn the equivalent of the first 4 installments for each new customer you acquire.

If you work in the hotel and spa industry you can now recommend the use of Spalopia’s spa software and get a commission for your efforts.

What is Spalopia's partner program?

Spalopia’s management software is probably the most used in Spain (+400 spas) but we want to continue growing and helping new spas to digitize all management and operations to make them more efficient.

And to do that, we want to surround ourselves with partners like you to help us go further .

So, for each client you get through your professional social networks, emails, face-to-face meetings or phone calls, you will receive the equivalent of the payment of their first 4 installments. you will receive the equivalent of the payment of their first 4 installments..

Earn passive income

Once you have made the necessary arrangements and the agreement between Spalopia and the new client is closed, you will receive a commission for your work.

Acquire prestige as a prescriber

Thanks to the training you will receive from the Spalopia team you will become an advanced user of the management software, which will allow you to be perceived as an expert in the industry and you will be able to use it for your CV or to become a software consultant.

Build a strong professional network

Every recommendation you make will be an opportunity to connect with other professionals in the industry. You will have an excuse to contact managers and decision makers, increasing your chances of working with them in the future.

How it works

To join Spalopia's partner program just follow these steps: 


Fill out the form

Enter your personal and contact information in the form below.


We train you in 1h

We will contact you to explain in depth how the software works and all its possibilities.


We give you a code

We will give you a custom code so that we can attribute each customer you get.

The leading spa management software in the industry

More than 400 spas already using Spalopia software

Fill out the form

Fill in the form with your details and register as a candidate to join Spalopia’s partner team.