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Spa gift vouchers

There is no better present than your spa

Up-selling and Cross-selling

At the time of the purchase, it is important to offer alternatives to the customer.

Combine several treatments at a lower price or offer the possibility to purchase gift vouchers of multiple sessions.

You can also combine it with the hotel and by offering nights of stay, the overall price can be increased.


Shopping cart

Add as many treatments as you wish before finalizing the purchase.

Gift vouchers in PDF

Together with the reservation, the client will receive a gift voucher in PDF format in their e-mail. Every gift voucher has a unique locator that will be used to redeem the coupon and deduct the contracted services.

Budget for your spa

Spalopia’s philosophy is that everybody wins. Your success and our success relies on increasing the sales of your spa, that is why we offer such low rates, as we only win when you win.

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