Online reservations for spas

Spalopia's flagship service

Let your clients book a massage, an aesthetic treatment, a ritual or even a spa circuit with on-demand reservations or with real availability.

Don't you offer online reservations?

Then you are losing customers

The online customer knows what service he wants and when to go to the spa, so why not let him make the reservation himself?

The customer gains independence and speed while the spa is more efficient and productive.

A sale is not a sale. reservation

An online reservation is...

A system that allows the client to choose the day and time to visit the spa.

You have 3 options: using a contact form, reservations on request and reservations with actual availability based on your spa needs.

Contact Form

The customer makes a query by email and you have to respond with a proposal for it to be validated again.

How they work

When to use it

Never, because it is inefficient.

Reservations upon request

The client requests date and time but the spa manually confirms availability by email.

How they work

When to use them

When you want to enter spa reservations for the first time.

Reservations with actual availability

It takes therapists’ schedules as a reference and offers real-time availability to the client.

How they work

When to use them

When you want to automate the entire booking process and make it easy for the customer to self-manage.

This is Spalopia's booking engine

Click on the items to test it in real time

Other functionalities

Bonds as a means of payment

Have you ever been overwhelmed at the front desk when running a Groupon promotion?

If you use vouchers from or external platforms , you can use them as payment for a service from the checkout.

This way, you won’t waste time managing reservations over the phone and you won t have to send customers to a contact form.

Choice of therapists

Allows clients to choose the therapist they like the most

Thanks to the filter system of the booking engine, the spa client can choose the professional he/she likes the most. You can sort them by gender or directly by name.

Members area

The system also has a members’ area that can be accessed with a username and password.

Thus, you can offer exclusive services or even free of charge only for that customer segment.

Reservations open

Even if you use bookings with actual availability, you can prevent a customer from going to a competitor by using open bookings.

If you do not have availability, the client sends a reservation request email that you can reschedule later.

Wait! Are you afraid of overbookings?

It is normal...

Spalopia’s reservation system puts an end to unscheduled overbookings.

The booking system is connected in real time with your calendar, so that an appointment that is taken manually never overlaps with another one that you receive through your website.

Get over the fear...

You can start with on-demand bookings and then move to real-time online bookings for the whole team to adapt. ZERO risk.

To action

The important thing is to start adopting the reservation system because you will gain in productivity and you will not lose customers.

In addition, you can also reduce no-shows

To multiply spa productivity

Thanks to reservations you can reduce them to practically zero, since the customer’s card serves as a guarantee of payment. In case the client does not show up for his appointment, you can always charge him a percentage or total penalty of what he has paid.

Spa gift voucher sales

Your online treatment menu

Offer the services of your menu of services through your website also to give away or book.

Vouchers and gift cards

Ready to print or send to your home

Selling online through your website allows you to extend your sales hours to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Can you imagine arriving at the spa and finding that they have already purchased your services?

Offer your customers the possibility of making a gift in the form of a voucher or card that they can print or even send printed at home:

Price control

Update prices in real time, add fees, extras, or multiple sessions

Discount coupons

Offers personalized discount coupons for use in sweepstakes or promotions


Run automatic promotions with start and end date to boost sales


Send automatic emails to confirm sales and avoid abandoned carts

Payment gateway

Connect the sales system to your bank’s POS, stripe or PayPal.


Check which services are sold the most, at what time, what is the average ticket…

Home delivery

All vouchers can be sent to your home address with an envelope or gift box.

Optimized checkout

Tested by +400 spas and 1 million euros in sales in 2020 alone

Accepts all payment methods

We work with Stripe, PayPal and bank payment platforms.


Connect your website to the sales and booking engine

In only 3 steps

Inserting the booking engine in your website is very simple, you only need to follow three steps and in just a few minutes you will be able to start selling.

Copy and paste the code into your website

And start selling

Create an internal page

If you use WordPress simply create a new page

2. Copy the code

We will send you a code by email that you will have to copy and paste into the page and the header.

3. Start selling

Ready. Now you only have to add the services from the management program and they will appear on your page.

					<script type="text/javascript" >
                    var id_contenedor_motor = 'utb-iframe-spa';
                    var sb = new UTBInsertSpaBooking(
                        base: '',
                        path: 'utb-spa-booking-simple',
                        lang: 'es',
                        msg_loading: 'Cargando...',
                        currency: 'EUR'

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