Spa management software

Centralizes all spa operations

Simplify the spa’s daily operations with a single management program in the cloud and connected to the hotel’s PMS.


Take appointments from any device and allow the customer to self-serve

Customer files

Get to know your customers better and offer them exactly the services they need.

Collection manager

Manage your receipts and invoices, redeem gift vouchers and make invoices and bills.


Track sales and spa employee performance

Farewell to the paper diary

Use an online planner and keep an organized reception desk

No more chaos in the spa. With Spalopia’s online calendar you can manage appointments more efficiently.

Banish the paper diary forever to offer the best user experience.

No overbookings

Connect your website with the agenda and forget about overlapping appointments.

Spalopia’s online agenda is connected to the booking engine in real time. If you take an appointment from the calendar it never overlaps with a web booking.

Reduces no-shows

Sends automatic email reminders and charges penalties if the customer does not show up

You no longer have to worry about customers not showing up for their appointment. Ask for a card when requesting a reservation and charge a penalty if they cancel or do not show up.

Functionalities of the online calendar

Customer files

Delivers the right service to the right customer

Securely store your customers’ data and create databases to know what your customers’ tastes are and what their purchasing budget is.

Get to know your customers better

With Spalopia’s client files you can create a database with all the data of the spa users: name, phone number, email, birthday, services purchased, average ticket of the services, therapist preferences, etc.

With this data you can offer specific promotions for each user, give them special attention if they are a VIP customer and attend to all their requirements.

Your customer data is secure

All customer data is stored on a server with extra security protection and in compliance with all protocols required by the Data Protection Act (RGPD).


All data is stored in a secure server.

Always operational

We make sure your data is always available


Complies with the Data Protection Law

Sensitive Data

Contact us in case you need to store sensitive data.

Unlimited space

Upload the documents you need

Supported formats

PDF, JPG, PNG, DOC, TXT and more

Automatic backup

Automatic backups every 24 hours

Download to your computer

Export the database to your computer if needed

Manage your collections efficiently

Keep the cash box under control

Manages the spa's income and expenses

Keep track of every penny the spa brings in and balance the books with this intuitive and easy-to-use tool.

Redeem vouchers and gift cards

Controls external channel bonuses

Keep track of vouchers and cards coming from external channels and redeem them easily by entering their reference.


With customized design

Add your logo and your contact details and create invoices to deliver to your customers.


Print your tickets with just one click

Offer purchase tickets to spa guests using your own printer


Controls the spa's product stock

Never run out of stock and avoid product expiration dates


Breakdown of the cost of each service

Adequately value each service with a breakdown of all costs.

Advanced statistics

Make intelligent decisions based on data

Monitor exhaustively all sales and reservations with the different reports of the statistics module of the spa management software.

Monitor the performance of your employees

Encourage your employees to be the best they can be

Help your employees meet sales targets and offer them financial incentives every time they exceed a collection threshold.

Analyzes spa sales and bookings

To find out if your spa is performing adequately

Find out which services sell the most, which days of the week produce the most sales, compare each month with the filter system and monitor all promotions you run to see if they are effective.

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