Online agenda for spas

Organized reception and satisfied customers

No more chaos in the spa. With Spalopia’s online calendar you can manage appointments more efficiently.

Check who is in the booth at a glance

With the agenda check-in

Confirmation from agenda

Avoids confusion in telephone bookings and reduces no-shows

Forget about overbookings

Connect your website with the agenda and forget about overlapping appointments.

Group classes

Controls booth schedules

Get the most out of your cabins and avoid downtime.

Multiple sessions

Increases average customer ticket

It offers a multi-session pack to recurring users.

Maximum quotas

Improve the spa circuit experience

It allows customers to relax and respect social distance measures.


Establishes a grace period

Avoid running out of available therapists by establishing a grace period.

All the functionalities of the online calendar

You have a dedicated account manager just for you

From the very first moment we make sure that you have a dedicated person to carry out the loading of treatments and give you the necessary information so that you know how to use the management program.

Courses that can be subsidized through Fundae

In addition, if you need it, you have at your disposal fully bonusable courses with which you can learn advanced marketing strategies, sales, management and operations of spas.


Account Manager

B2B customers


Account Manager

B2C customers

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a system that allows you to take appointments from the spa’s front desk computer or from any authorized device.

Yes, the system allows you to check-in so that you always have under control which booths are occupied and who are the therapists working at that moment.

Yes, the system allows you to make appointments of packs choosing yourself the services you want to include and respecting the schedules of cabins and therapists previously established.

You have full control of the schedule, if you want to force an overbooking you can do it manually but the default system warns you of the consequences.

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