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The Spalopia team has professionals covering areas such as marketing, sales, human resources, training, support and development.

Dennis Gonzalez

CEO - Founder

Antonio Medina

CTO - Founder

Ruben Mahugo


Carlos del Castillo


Itahisa Gonzalez

Account Manager

Cecília Lopes

Sales Manager

How did the idea of creating Spalopia come about?


After 11 years of experience in the hotel industry, Dennis Gonzalez and Antonio Medina decided to dedicate themselves fully to the wellness sector. In August 2015, they create the first booking engine specialized in spas and launch a management program to help spas go digital.

August 2015
The company is created

Dennis González and Antonio Medina sign the company's articles of incorporation.

November 2015
First customer!

With great enthusiasm and after several meetings we signed the first contract.

February 2016
First contracting

The company is growing and a person is needed for onboarding and training.

June 2016
4 more employees

Thanks to the investment made by SODECAN, 4 more employees can be hired to cover marketing and development positions.

December 2016
We created

On December 15 we launched, the marketplace specialized in spas.

September 2017

We embarked on an international adventure, signing our first contracts in Mexico, Aruba and Italy.

December 2017
We reached 100 customers

The company continues to grow and we have reached 100 customers.

June 2018
We reached 200 customers

The number of employees increased and we achieved a new milestone: 200 customers.

September 2018
1M in turnover

We succeeded in turning over the first million euros.

January 2019
We reached 300 customers

We reached 300 customers in Spain, Italy and Mexico.

May 2020
We are already 15 people in the team

Although the pandemic hit hard, we managed to maintain employment.

June 2020
Spalopia Academy is launched

We launched the academy specialized in training for spa professionals

May 2021
We reached 400 customers

In May 2021, we reached a new milestone: 400 customers.

We want welfare to reach the whole of society

Our Mission

Corporate culture

Future plans

Better distribution, training and employment

All our efforts are aimed at increasing the functionality of the software to meet the changing needs of spas.

In addition, we want to bring more value to the industry by offering better product distribution, better quality training and creating a space where finding a job in the spa industry is easier.

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