Build spa customer loyalty

Improve the relationship with your customers thanks to Spalopia CRM

Get to know your customers better to offer them the service they need at the time they need it.

Know your customers

Create a database with all the spa’s customer files and obtain data on the services they buy, average purchase ticket, preferences…

Increases sales

Segment customers by type: hotel customers, external users, VIP customers, agencies, yoga students… and offer them only the services they need.

Improved communication

Export the email database and send segmented newsletters through your usual email manager.

Everything you can do with a CRM

Customer files

Collect data from your customers: name, email, gender, age, preferences...


Attach documents authorizing newsletter sending or data processing


Saves customer feedback to take their needs into account

Customer groups

Organize your clients according to their typology: yoga student, gym, etc.

Sales channels

Organize your customers according to sales channel: inbound, online,


Increase your sales by allowing agencies to offer your services

Export of emails

Export your email database to send personalized communications to them

Discount coupon

Send discount coupons to loyal users to make them feel special

Member services

Offers services that are accessible only to spa members

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