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Advertise your spa

on Google and Facebook

Your spa will be easier to find

Appearing on the top positions of Google is essential to attract visitors to your website. Unfortunately, the competition is so high that sometimes it is necessary to invest to be able to stand out.

With Google ads, you will have more assurances of being present when people look for you.

Save yourself commissions!

If you appear in the first positions you will avoid that your clients make their reservations through channels like Groupalia, Groupon, Lets Bonus, Atrápalo, etc.

Thus, you can save yourself the high commissions imposed by these companies.

Advertising on Google is now easier

Google Adwords is a very complex tool and difficult to set up.

We take care of the whole process: we create the ads using the right words and direct them to the audience of your interests.

Get more clients through Facebook

Social networking can attract a lot of people to your spa. However, building a community of followers takes a long time.

Accelerate the entire process by having a small budget to advertise on Facebook and get more bookings.

Visual and attractive ads

We create visual and attractive ads to motivate your clients to visit your spa’s website. You can advertise your services, products, special promotions and even articles from your blog to a large audience.

Attract the right audience

Not everyone is your audience. Attract only those people who are really interested in your services.

Otherwise, you will only spend money without seeing results. To prevent this from happening, we help you find your customers wherever they are with the help of the segmentation of audiences that is provided by Facebook.